12005 Valley View @ Chapman

714-89-VOLVO (86586)    Open: 8:30 - 5:30

Volvo experts who also own and drive Volvos

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17313 Clark @ Artesia

562-925-VOLVO (8658)    Open: 8:00 - 6:00

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Keeping Volvos on the road since 2000

Volvos are special cars, but Fjords puts expert care within easy reach.  At Fjords of Sweden, it is our mission to help Volvos and Saabs reach their 300-500,000 mile life potential.

Since Volvo Cerritos closed, many local Volvo owners have found Fjords to be their new home for dealer level expertise and experience, without a 25-mile drive.

From routine maintenance to transmission repairs, we have the expertise and training to keep your Volvo running smoothly for years to come.

Whether your Volvo requires a simple fix or a major repair, we will diagnose the problem accurately and work hard to get you back on the road.

Our skilled technicians each have decades of full time auto repair experience.  We work on nothing but Swedish cars all day and own and  drive Volvos ourselves.

Dealer Alternative

Comprehensive service

Steady and reliable

Experience you can trust

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