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Highest Mileage

We all know that Volvos have a reputation for reaching high mileages, Like Irv Gordon's famous P1800 with over 2 million miles! But what are the highest mileage Volvos seen first hand at Fjords?

The family that owned it, including two girls who drove it back and forth to college, wore out two used engines over 7 years or so; that car had to have over 1 million miles.  Finally, the suspension was so loose and the body started developing cracks and rust issues so it was retired.

- 1978 245 that had the odometer stuck at 769,999 miles for years.

This was Art's camping and adventure car for a few years before Mr. Toad, and was driven to mountains, deserts, badlands, even a few trips to places in Death Valley with designated 4 wheel drive roads.

- 1976 245 with over 500,000 miles

Regularly scheduled service and maintenance on your fleet vehicles will save you money in the long run.

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Square Square

These are owned by a couple; together they have nearly 800,000 miles logged.

- A pair of 1983 245's

This car was still in great cosmetic and overall mechanical shape, but when the transmission went out, the owner retired it

- A 1994 850 with 370,000 miles

It is not uncommon for the cars in the Fjords parking lot to add up to over 1,000,000 miles. Many of our clients are driving their second, third, or fourth Volvo, and they know firsthand that Fjords is the place to take your Volvo for expert care that will help it reach its high mileage life expectancy.